Dragoon X Omega II
Japanese Sargon
Kana サルゴン
Romaji Sarugon
Job Shogonite
Skill PSI Abilities
Birthplace Hylis
Height TBA
Weight TBA
Laterality Right-handed
Dragoon X Omega II Character

Sargon is the main protagonist and playable character in Dragoon X Omega II.

Non Dragoon X Omega appearancesEdit

Chrono Trigger: Flames of EternityEdit

Sargon makes the cameo in unofficial sequel Chrono Trigger and he's a Non-playable Character, he appears on Chapter 1 in Sargon House. It is why Sargon makes the people appearance in unofficial sequel Chrono Trigger and uses his name?. Sargon sprite uses from NPC Magic Man and doesn't know about the memory in Dragoon X Omega II.

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